1. Where and how can I apply to be a Social Rewards member?

A: We can provide you with the membership card at any of our 9 outlets, in addition to this our staff will kindly assist you in downloading and setting up the App if you so wish.

2. Do I have to download the App and have a membership card to be a Rewards member?

A: Yes, you would need to have both the App and the Membership Card in order to obtain the benefits of a Rewards Member (Elaborated in point 9).

3. How do I find the App?

Click here to download

4. Will my contact details or personal information be passed onto any third party if I sign up?

A: Absolutely not. We very much appreciate and respect our guests’ confidentiality and the little amount of information you’ll need to share in order to sign up will be kept completely confidential at all times.

5. I have previously signed up as a Rewards customer, can I just carry on using this card?

A: It is advised that you sign up to our new revamped cards, not only are they more aesthetically pleasing but without the new card you are unable to link it to the app and enjoy the new and exciting benefits that we offer.

6. What is the “Custody Bottle” function on the App?

A: We have developed this function so that you, our valued guest can leave your bottle safely in our possession until your next return. The App allows a photographic record to be kept of the bottle’s current condition so that you can rest easy knowing it’ll be exactly how you left it until next time!

7. I’ve lost my card, what do I do?

A: Not a problem, inform a Member of Staff at any of our outlets and we will replace your card and update your account with the new card at a small cost of RM12.

8. Which restaurants can I use my Social Rewards Card?

A: You are welcome to use your card in any of our outlets, we have 4 different brands to cater for all your desires! The Social, Ekkamai Thai kitchen, El Méson Spanish Restaurant and Lisette's Cafe & Bakery! Have a look on our ‘Find us’ page to locate any of our 9 outlets.

9. Why should I sign up to the App?

New Member (Quartz)
Existing Member (Gold)
  • You will automatically receive RM20 Social Credits for FREE, ready to use in any outlet, no minimum spending required.
  • Start your exciting new journey with us as a Quartz member collecting points. When you've collected 500 Points, you'll instantly be entitled to an upgrade to Gold Tier where more benefits await.
  • Quartz members earn 1 pt per RM1 spent.
  • Gain 500 bonus FREE points into your account (yes that’s right, without needing to spend a single Ringgit!) upon linking your existing member card to your newly downloaded app.
  • Enjoy a fantastic 3x points per RM1 spent*
  • You also get to enjoy members-exclusive prices and priority bookings on our Tastings and Events.
  • Free Birthday benefits (see your App news feed for more details).
  • Opportunity to upgrade Tier when you spend more.
  • Use your points to redeem Cash Vouchers, Product Rewards, and even convert them into (RM) in your e-Wallet.
  • Buy Gift Cards at the outlet – this allows you to top-up & pay with your e-Wallet balance without having to use cash or bank card! (See #12)
*Extra points rebate ONLY applies to non-promotional items.
For promotional items, you get to enjoy a points collection of 1 pt per RM1 spent.
Promotional items include Happy Hour, Set Lunches, and any other items that are sold at a special price.

10. What are the benefits of becoming a Platinum member?

  • 3.5x points obtained per RM1 spent

  • Free Daily Coffee – Limited to 1 per day. 

  • Priority Booking for Tastings

  • Seasonal Gifts – Limited edition gifts e.g. CNY, Xmas gfits etc. While stocks last.

  • RM 200 Birthday Voucher – 1 per birthday year. Will appear on “Redeem” page during Birthday month

  • Note that extra points are not applicable to items on Promotion, Happy Hour, and Set Lunches. 

11. How does the 3-Tier system work?

A: We use a 3-Tier system so that we can express our gratitude and reward our guests’ loyalty! Everyone who embarks on this enjoyable journey of point collection will begin as a Quartz member:

  • Once a Quartz member has acquired 500 points they will automatically be upgraded to Gold member status!

  • Guests will enjoy permanent Gold membership benefits until they reach Platinum status! 

  • To enjoy the fantastic benefits of becoming a Platinum member, just collect 22,500 points within a period of 3 months and you'll be promoted to Platinum Tier. 

  • Once you're in Platinum, you'd have to collect a total of 31,500 points over a period of 3 months for every Quarter of the Year which is known as Quarterly Maintenance.

  • For those who just turned Platinum - whichever month you may be in - your first maintenance period includes the current Quarter you are in and AND the next Quarter.
    Quarterly Maintenance are divided as follows:
    1st: January - March
    2nd: April - June
    3rd: July - September
    4th: October - December

Don’t worry, you don’t have to ask a Member of Staff every time you want to check your reward points. You can access your points balance wherever and whenever you wish just by accessing the App.

12. How are points earned through spending in the restaurant?

A: Every Ringgit spent at our restaurants provides you the benefits of points collection. See #9 and #10 for points allocation for each Tier. Upon spending, points will automatically be added into your account, and be easily visible when accessing the App. Card must be present during closing of bill to ensure that points are allocated to the account of the payer.

13. Can I obtain points in any other way besides through dining in the restaurant?

A: Refer a friend to gain an easy 200 pts! To do this, just tap on the button found at the top left of the App, then select “Invite Friends” and share the code provided to your friend in any of the ways provided! Easy right? Just make sure that your friend has downloaded the App and registered successfully, then purchases something in one of our outlets. You will then get a notification awarding you the points into your account.

14. What is the “Wallet” function on the app?

A: This function provides a cashless payment system option to the customer. Through purchasing a Gift Card at any of our outlets, you can add and store Social Credits (RM) onto your e-Wallet to use whenever you wish! You can then use this your Social Credits to pay for anything within our restaurants without cash or bank card. This also provides you with a fantastic gift idea for any of your friends or family.
Top-up process: Purchase a Gift Card from any of our outlets

To reload (RM), scratch off the panel, then either:
• Scan the QR code on the Gift Card OR
• Enter 16-digit Code
• Convert your Social Points

How to make a payment with your Credit balance:
1) Buy something in our outlet
2) Bill produced by server
3) You opt to make payment with your Credit balance
4) Present your membership card to our staff
5) Staff swipes card
6) Staff settles your bill at the till
7) Your receipt is produced and handed to you
8) Your Credit Balance will be deducted and updated accordingly
9) Gift Card expiry: Your Gift Card will be valid for Topping Up for 6 months following purchase.
e.g. You buy a Gift Card on 1st Jan ’17, you have until 31st June ’17 to perform a top up. Your Credits Balance will be valid for redemption for 6 months after topping up.
e.g. You top up on 15th May ’17, your Credits will expire on 31st Oct ’17.

15. When will I be able to enjoy the benefits after updating my account to the new Membership Card?

A: You can enjoy the membership benefits immediately after your account has been set up linking your App with your Membership Card.

16. Why does the App require sharing my date of birth?

A: We ask for your date of birth so that we can recognize & provide you with extra Birthday treats.

17. Does my The Social Rewards membership have a validity period?

A: The Social Rewards membership lasts a lifetime, we value our guest’s loyalty and wish to continue to express our gratitude and rewards with you. Just keep your app installed and updated, as well as looking after your membership card.

18. How do I earn Points and what is the Point conversion ratio for redeeming the in-app items?

Quartz: For every RM1 spent you will obtain 1 Point.
Gold: For every RM1 spent you will obtain 3 Points.
Platinum: For every RM1 spent you will obtain 3.5 Points.

Please note that Social Rewards Points earned have a 6 month expiry period from the day of obtaining the points. An automated message will alert you 1 month prior and a 2nd alert 14 days before point expiry.

*Only applicable to non-promotional items.*
As for redeeming in-app items, the ratio of conversion is 20 Points to RM 1.

19. Is it possible to merge the points accumulated in two The Social Rewards Cards owned separately by me and my friend/family member?

A: The Social Rewards Card is designated for individual use by the respective Card Member only. No merging or transfer of points from different membership cards is allowed under any circumstances.

20. How do I use my Vouchers and Rewards?

A: Once you have obtained a voucher through purchasing with your reward points you can use this within any outlet.

Process of using a Voucher/Reward:
1) Buy something in our outlet, make sure its applicable to your entitled voucher or reward (Any redeemable voucher/reward can be found under your “Redeem” page within the App)
2) Bill produced by waiter
3) Show waiter your voucher or reward
4) Staff redeems voucher on your phone
5) Staff swipes your membership card at till
6) If bill exceeds the voucher or reward you pay the difference (RM) in cash/bank card
7) Your receipt is produced and handed to you
8) Your Voucher or Reward will be deducted from your account accordingly

21. Are points granted according to the total amount settled in each purchase or the aggregated amount of several purchases?

A: Points earned are based on the subtotal amount (before SST and service charge) settled in each purchase. Accumulation of backdated receipts for points issuance is not allowed. For example, if you did not bring your Member Card while closing a bill, no points can be issued to that bill.  It is advised that you are to be responsible for reminding yourself as to providing your card before settling a bill, thus providing your card after payment will not award you any points nor will it entitle you to a refund of any sorts.

22. What can I do with the points earned?

A: The App provides you the opportunity to use your accumulated points to redeem discount vouchers that can be subsequently used in any of our outlets. An example of this is shown below, through collecting at least 400 pts would allow you to redeem a RM20 e-voucher that can then be used against your bill.

Updated as of 29th May 2018.