Win a Trip to Scotland!

Posted on Oct 03, 2017

Join us on a journey of discovery to the enchanting land of Scotland! 

Win a 4D3N Stay at The Mansion House Hotel & Country Club

Buy 1 Whisky Flight to WIN a Flight to Scotland!
• It's as simple as purchasing 1 flight of whisky from the Scotland Trail to stand a chance to win a flight to Scotland
• 1 whisky flight consists of 2 shots and starts from as low as RM70!
Complete the Scotland Trail to DOUBLE Your Chances!!
• Collect all 8 stickers to mark your journey
• Once your map has the complete range of stickers, you get double the entries which double your chances to win!
Special Package RM600 
• A winning strategy is by purchasing the entire flight map at a special rate of RM600, as this double your chances immediately!
• This package consists of whisky flights only
• You may consume all flights in a single day, or come back to the same outlet to consume your flights one at a time
Extra Perks When You Complete the Map
• Besides doubling your chances at the end of your journey, you also get 1x 20% discount voucher off any bottle within the Scotland Trail
Map Math
• 1 Sticker = 1 Flight OR 1 Bottle purchased
• 1 Completed Map = 8 Stickers
• 1 Flight purchased = 1 Boarding Pass
• 1 Bottle purchased = 3 Boarding Passes

Map Language
• Boarding Pass: Your Entry/Raffle Ticket with unique serial code that helps us verify you as the winner
• Flight: 1 flight in the Scotland Trail refers to a flight of whisky, which consists of 2x 30ml shots for a certain price
• E-Passport: This is the e-invitation you will receive via email to attend the event where we announce the winner
Case Scenario
• Liza buys 7 flights The Orkney (7 x1 entries) today. The next day, Liza buys 4 bottles from Speyside (4 x3 entries)
In total, Liza would have 7 + 12 = 19 Boarding Passes
• Although the value of Liza's total purchase > 1 Completed Map, she is not entitled to double her entries, because she did not complete the Scotland Trail

Fine Print
  • All prices are subject to 6% GST and 10% Service Charge
  • 1 flight = 2x 30ml shots
  • A sticker indicating the flight/bottle ordered will be provided upon purchase
  • Your 20% bottle voucher will be presented upon completion & submission of the map
  • 1 Boarding Pass will be presented to you per entry entitlement
  • RM600 Special Package buyers to claim all flights on same day OR within same outlet only
  • Pay-as-you-go participants may cross-participate in other outlets within the Group, providing the map is produced by the participant upon ordering
  • Multiple entries per person are welcome and encouraged
  • A minimum of 100 participants is required for this contest to run
  • The Scotland Trail promotion is run by The Social Group, which consists of The Social, El Mesón and Ekkamai Thai Kitchen
  • By participating in the Scotland Trail promotion by The Social Group of Restaurants, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions as stated on this website
  • The Management reserves the right to amend the T&Cs without prior notice